Peake Domes

Peake Domes

Geodesic Living Space

The Inspiration Behind Peake Domes

Arial Drone video above produced and arranged by Simon Robertson of wwwfly2view.co.uk

How we came to be the manufacturer of the world acclaimed mobile spit roasting oven ''The Hogg Boss'' is a long story indeed. There's one thing for sure, if we hadn't started manufacturing hog roasting ovens 16 years ago, it's very unlikely that Peake Domes would have ever come to life. This is the relevance; some years ago, we were contacted by the Eden Project and asked to supply them with our Hog roasting machines, it was wonderful to receive an order from such a high profile operation, a testimony in-itself to the quality of The Hogg Boss.

Naturally with my keen interest in architecture and design, I would be delivering the machines to the Eden Project myself, I remember being quite excited and very much looking forward to my trip down to St Austell! I arrived there with my honourable assistant at the time, Robin, who kindly offered to drive. There was little preview of anything on the drive in. I remember as we entered the site, driving over the brow of a hill and the whole thing suddenly hit me; a mass of geodesic genius, absolutely amazing! The lyrics from that much loved Ian Dury & the Blockheads song ''There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bar....ds'' suddenly came to mind.

That first sight of the Eden Project domes was firmly implanted in my mind and is still there today. After we'd dropped off the machines at the catering facility, we were invited into the magnificent domes and then shown around the complex, the whole thing was truly fascinating. For anyone who hasn't been, I would very much recommend a visit.

A few months later I started studying the geodesic structure. I devoted some considerable time to my studies.
One of my first tasks was to construct a scale paper model to test my knowledge and capabilities, this I must say went rather well, better than my expectations, and that was it! I was away! No looking back now, I was hooked! This was the begining of my mission to create and manufacture geodesic domes.

And here we are today, with considerable help and support from my brilliant son Jason, ready to take orders!

The start of "Peake Domes"


Designer, Engineer, CAD technician, Metalwork Genius,

Quentin's designs have won various prestigious awards over the years. He has many areas of expertise and is responsible for the design and manufacture of the world renowned professional catering appliances ''The Hogg Boss mobile spit roasting oven'' and ''The Wok Boss portable Wok Cooker'' also many other less well known items. 



Designer, Engineer, CAD technician, Metalwork Genius,


Unique patent pending design

Our geodesic domes are unique in many ways, designed to be long lasting and durable in all seasons, the extremely clever main support structure is manufactured from Stainless Steel and designed to withstand all environmental challenges. Quality and perfection are two key words associated with the design and manufacture of Peake Domes.


The Many Features

The cleverly designed structure of our domes is completely unique and like nothing else, designed by ourselves in every aspect.

Our domes are solid and secure, warm and dry, designed for use all year round (not to be confused with a tent) they can provide for a very cosy living space when required, for use in all seasons and all locations. Our domes do not require any groundwork or foundations, the whole structure is free standing and self supporting, also being virtually wind resistant, there is little need to worry about its location, whether that may be on the edge of a cliff in Scotland or perched on top of a high rise in London. Our domes are built with the finest materials and designed to last for decades.

Our domes can be easily equipped with all amenities.

With little changes to the design and the aid of our buoyancy pack, we can even have a you afloat.   

Start thinking about the creation of your new dome now, book a visit to our show dome and be inspired.

Interesting Facts

The Beginning

The first dome that could be called "geodesic" in every respect was designed after World War 1 by Walther Bauersfield, chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company.  

Many years later, Richard Buckminster Fuller ''Bucky'' named the dome "geodesic" lattice of interlocking icosahedrons that could be skinned with a protective cover. Although Fuller was not the original inventor, he is credited with the U.S. popularisation of the idea for which he received U.S. patent 2,682,235  29 June 1954.

The geodesic dome appealed to Fuller because it was extremely strong for its weight, its "omnitriangulated" surface provided an inherently stable structure,

a sphere encloses the greatest volume for the least surface area.

So many uses

1000 uses

There must be thousands of different uses for our domes, too many to list, so what ever your requirement, whether it's an Office, Bar, Music Room, Cinema, Gym, Spare Bedroom, Temporary accommodation, a School Classroom or even a Home, or just that perfect space to retreat to after a hard day, our design team are on hand and ready to start making your dream dome into a very stylish and unique reality.

With today's ever increasing trend towards glamorous camping ''Glamping'' it is quite possible that our glorious domes will appeal to land owners and farmers wishing to diversify into this area.  

If you can imagine it! We can design and build it!