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Friday 07 October, 2016

The story behind Peake Domes

The story behind Peake Domes

A gallery of images to showcase a Peake Dome. I also talk about some of my inspirations and what drove me to create this architectural marvel.

What does it take to gain a sense of achievement? we all know it, That sense of accomplishment. My journey started 16 years ago. My name is Quentin, I'm an engineer of immense magnitude. Sheet metal specialist, Fabrication specialist, Architectural Metalwork specialist and designer, CAD Technician and master of all materials known to man. (excuse me)

Many products on today's market leave much to be desired. Things are designed to be cheap, to compromise on quality. For me quality is just another engineering challenge. The Hogg Boss was my desire at making the world's best hog roasting oven. After a successful launch continued growth at sales, I found wanting to engineer more with greater ambition. My journey took me through other cooking products such as my line of Wok fryers, kitchens, lighting solutions and finally... A unique design for an outdoor exterior space.


The engineering challenges behind a geodesic dome were numerous. How do I create a space that is warm in winter but cool in the summer? How do I make sure the space is structurally sound, pleasant and liveable? The dome, started out life as a computer aided design (CAD), designed in a simulation, tested under rigorous conditions. 


Most other geodesic domes on the market felt lacking to me. Often feeling too hot in the summer, and are exposed to the elements in the winter. My solution, was to insulate each panel and use only premium grade aluminium and stainless steal. This ensured the dome would hold up to the elements.


With the design in mind, I began assembling. Over successive iterations, I kept on improving. Finally, I was in a position to offer each architectural marvel to the public. The birth of Peake Domes became a reality.


I got in touch with Scientific Creative, to help brand my business and design a website. We took photos to catalogue the structure. The result of the photo shoot is below! I'm happy to share these images with you. The results are absolutely superb.

The photo shoot







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