Each dome space built to perfection

Each dome space built to perfection


Comfortable Spaces for any Purpose

Our aim is to provide a comfortable space for any purpose. With our range of options and extras we can create a personalised interior to suit each and every taste. Options available include solar solutions to provide power, heating and lighting. As well as a range of furniture and blinds. Every window area can benefit from being equipped with our uniquely designed blind system.

Every interior comes with a range of options: including power, heating, lighting, flooring and furniture. Engage with your inner interior-designer and speak with us to review the range of options on offer. Book a visit to our show dome, we can share our knowledge and expertise, and together create that perfect space of your dreams.

Comfortable Spaces for any Purpose


Feeling the Heat

Various options of heating are available from Multi Fuel Stoves and Log Burners to under floor heating.

We are always interested to hear about new ideas for heating options, please contact us to discuss. 

Feeling the Heat


Customise your entrance to suit your needs

The access to your dome can be perfectly tailor made to suit your requirements, double doors or single doors. They can be situated in an external porch arrangement as seen here or recessed into the dome, the choice is entirely to suit your own requirements, they can be steel or wood, or any other material of your choice. Access can be from various positions around the perimeter of the dome.

Our domes can also be located in an elevated position on structural supports or on a rooftop where access could be gained from underneath if required, maybe from a spiral staircase if wished. Anything is possible. 

The doors in the image here were inspired by the Doctor. Dr Who.

We'll create the perfect entrance for your new dome. Please contact us or book a visit to our show dome to find out more.

Customise your entrance to suit your needs

Climate Control & Weather Resistance

Perfect for every season

Our domes have been designed to be completely weather resistant. Our domes, won’t fracture or erode over time. Resistant to wind, heat, ice and water. We use only high performance materials to guarantee that our domes will last and continue to last and be enjoyed whatever the season.

Every Dome is insulated, double glazed and shielded to retain heat during the winter months and keep cool during the summer. 

Perfect for any use, the list of uses for our domes is endless and only restricted by your own imagination. 

Office, Bedroom, Dining Room, Gym, Music Room, Cinema, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Bar, Hotel Room, Art studio, Photography studio, Glamping accommodation, We can build it. 

Perfect for every season


Variety of customisation options to cater any personal taste

Flooring choices of any description can be accommodated, Flooring Tiles, Floor Boards. Your own personal tastes as required, Nothing is standard.

Variety of customisation options to cater any personal taste

Technical Specifications

Detailed Specifications


  • UV & Weather resistant coated Aluminium panels or Stainless Steel.
  • High performance Planitherm energy efficient toughened glass if required.
  • All windows can be double glazed or single glazed dependent on requirements. 
  • Any configuration of opening windows as desired.
  • Different configurations of clear to solid panels can be provided , please contact us for more information.
  • Doors can be constructed from wood, aluminium and stainless steel, or a material of choice.
  • The exterior finish of the dome can be requested, the dome could be printed.


  • We can offer a standard range of interior panels
  • Other choices of interior panels can be discussed, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. 


  • Floor space Diameter from 3m - 10m.
  • The height of each dome is dependent on its diameter.
  • If you require more floor space, larger domes are available, please contact us for more information.
Detailed Specifications

Exterior Finishes


Our Standard Coloured Aluminium Exterior Panels are available as follows.

Please contact us to discuss other colours.

We can also offer graphic solutions if required.

  • RAL     7016       ANTHRACITE
  • RAL     9006       SILVER
  • RAL     9007       SMOKE SILVER METALLIC
  • RAL     9010        WHITE
  • RAL     7012        GREY
  • RAL     7035        OYSTER
  • RAL     7015        DARK GREY
  • BS10A05             GOOSE WING GREY 
  • B12B21                MORELAND GREEN

To view any of the various colours listed here, please click on the following link


We have various alternative  exterior panel finishes, please call to discuss your requirements

we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Experiment with colours

Use our experimental tool to explore a range of finishes.